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1. No drafting of another bike or vehicle is allowed.  A space of a least 3 bike lengths is required except when passing within 15 seconds.  Draft marshals will be on the bike course.  If a draft marshal points to you, you must stop and touch both feet to the road as your penalty before resuming your race.


2. No pacing competitors.  Persons may not ride alongside, run with, or swim with a participant during the race.


3. All roads are open to traffic.  Natural hazards may be present.  Ride defensively!  Racers must follow instructions of the race officials and public authorities.

4. Bikes may not be ridden into the transition area.  The bike must be handed to a volunteer at the end of the bike ride.  They will assit with getting your bike to the Tri Bike truck for transport to the race finish.  Race officials are not responsible for bikes.


5. Competitors must swim with their caps on.  Swim caps are provided. Raise hand if assistance is needed in any lake and a kayaker or paddle boarder will come to you.


6. Lake temps can vary from the lower 60s to lower 70s.  Wet suits may be required…be prepared in case.  This will be announced at the mandatory pre-race meeting.


7. Flotation devices can only be used for the purpose of transporting your shoes.  No artificial propulsion devices (fins, paddles) are permitted.


8. Competitors must carry all their own equipment.  Once you leave the bike you must finish the race with the equipment you started the first run with.  If you use a wetsuit you must wear /carry it until the survivor line.  You may not leave anything on any trail or in any lake.


9. Competitors that have not finished the bike portion in 2hrs 15mins or have not completed the Minnewaska swim by the 5hr 30 min mark will not be allowed to complete the event.


10. Race Director decisions are final.

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