SOS is an eight-stage wilderness adventure race that includes one cycling segment, four trail running segments, and three open water lake swims.

Each segment is point-to-point. The first segment (bike) requires a crew member to collect the participant’s bike at the bike-to-run transition and supply any gear required for the run/swim segments. The remaining seven segments are unsupported and require participants to carry-in/carry-out any needed supplies.

Water and food are provided at points on the course. 

Stage 1: Bike 30 Miles


  • Starting line is at the Ulster County Fair Grounds.

  • First ten miles are mostly flat

  • Second ten miles are rolling, with elevation gain

  • Third five miles are flat and rolling with last part down hill

  • Final five miles are a climb into the Shawangunk Mountains


  • The bike-to-run transition takes place at the Lower Awosting parking lot in Minnewaska State Park

  • Athletes will meet their designated Transition Person here to leave their bike and prepare for the run/swim stages

  • Athletes will run from this point to the far side of Lake Awosting

  • Elevation gain of 489 feet


  • At "Awosting In" Athletes will be directed to cross a timing mat

  • Athletes then proceed down the rocks into the cool waters of Lake Awosting

  • The swim is the length of the lake along the north shore

  • Kayakers and Paddle Boarders will guide the way 


  • Exit Lake Awosting and proceed up and over the mountain to Lake Minnewaska

  • Pass breathtaking views of the Hudson Valley from multiple vantage points

  • Elevation gain of 565 feet


  • Athletes approach the swim across Lake Minnewaska after descending the Blue Trail and rounding the end of the lake via the Red Trail

  • Athletes enter the water at the timing mat, where volunteers help direct access point

  • Swim across Lake Minnewaska along the east shore

  • A buoy-supported guideline will show the way


  • Athletes will exit Lake Minnewaska and proceed up the rock steps

  • Spectators will cheer you along as you embark on the longest run of the SOS

  • Proceed along a series of carriage trails to Lake Mohonk via Trapp’s Bridge

  • Water/food stops at miles 2, 4, and 6


  • Athletes will descend a small downward slant into the serene waters of Lake Mohonk

  • The final swim will be along the east shore

  • As you sight the course and look for the finish, Athletes will hear the cheering crowd at Mohonk Out

  • Kayakers and Buoys will guide your way


  • Exit Lake Mohonk and proceed UP the short, but steady climb to the finish at the “Skytop” tower and the Surviver Line

  • On your way, Athletes will hear the Survivor Line announcer and more cheering crowds waiting your arrival

  • At the final climb up the stairs, you will be met by a final sprint to claim your title as an SOS Survivor!