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After the bike transition (Awosting Parking Lot) run south through the lot exiting the back (toilet facility available here) onto Lower Awosting Trail.

The trail will climb gradually until Cardiac Hill (you’ll know it when you get there.) At the top of Cardiac make a right onto Lake Awosting Carriageway following it counter-clockwise around the lake until you reach the swim entrance half way around. 

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After exiting the water move away from the shore and make a right back onto Lake Awosting Carriageway. Continue on the trail this time running clockwise around the lake until making a right onto the Hamilton Point Carriageway.


Begin the winding climb up to Castle Point for incredible views followed by a gradual downhill until making a right onto the Lake Minnewaska Carriageway (Red Trail.) Follow the trail counterclockwise around the lake to the swim entrance.

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After exiting the Minnewaska swim proceed down the paved park entrance road. Just before the small bridge at the bottom of the hill turn right onto the Awosting Falls Carriageway continuing past Lyons Rd, Trapps Bridge (toilet facility is available below the bridge,) and onto the Undercliff Carriage Trail to Rhodedendron Bridge.


After the climb up Godzilla stay on Old Minnewaska Rd and follow the course markings making a left onto a small side trail that will take you to the entrance of the Mohonk Lake swim.

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After exiting the swim turn right and follow Skytop Path to the Survivor Line. This final leg is uphill the entire way – there is an award for the fastest climb from the lake to the Survivor Line.

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