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Please note :

  • You must qualify for this event.

  • We do not offer deferrals.

  • We do offer race insurance that can be purchased at registration.


Race Date: September 8th, 2024

Start Time: 7AM

Start Location: Ulster County Fairgrounds, 2.5 miles south of the village of New Paltz, NY on County Road #7.


All Entrants in the S.O.S. must have completed a Half distance (70.3) within 7 hrs or a Full distance (140.6) in 15 hours, within 18 months of race day. SOS 2021 is also a qualifier. (Note:You have until September to qualify. You may update the info on your registration page at anytime) You may be asked to provide documentation of your qualifications.

If you have completed the SOS in 2023, please include that info and final time as part of your registration. 


On Registration night - Go to the registration page prior to midnight Eastern Time.  Below is the look of the page BEFORE registration opens. 


Note the "REGISTER NOW" button is not clickable.


On Registration night - Go to the registration page prior to midnight Eastern Time.  Below is the look of the page BEFORE registration opens.  Note the "REGISTER NOW" button is not clickable.

  • At the stroke of midnight Eastern Time, (or 9pm Pacific Time), please refresh the page (several times) until you see the REGISTER NOW box appear bright orange – note that the page will not auto-refresh

  • Once the REGISTER NOW box appears bright orange, select the number of registrations you want by clicking the + sign, and then click "REGISTER NOW".

  • Fill in the following basic information
  • After you've completed your basic information:  CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU'RE IN SOS 2024!!

  • You will receive a confirmation email.​
  • NEXT, you will receive an "additional information email", with instructions to "EDIT" and complete your registration. 

  • At your convenience, you'll answer the following questions regarding specific awards, USAT membership options, questions regarding open category, as well as info on your qualifying event.

  • Keep in mind, you have until September of 2023 to show your qualifying result.
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This year, the SOS Triathlon is excited to announce that we have partnerships with three amazing charities. In order to gain entry into SOS 2024, you'll be asked to donate at least $500 to one of these truly awesome charitable organizations. Once you do, you'll be sent a link to register for the SOS. Your charitable donation does not include the race entry fee, and all of our rules still apply regarding qualifications, etc. Please see further info & links to donate listed below.
For more information, please reach out to



The SOS partners with the Mohonk Preserve by offering charity spots for the race. Why?  Not just because the race course travels over its beautiful carriage roads and winds its way around their stunning vistas – but also because the Preserve is committed to inspiring people to care for, enjoy, and explore their natural world.  With your help we can lend a hand and help support this worthy organization.

To learn more, contact Stephanie Smallman at the Mohonk Preserve.

845-255-0919 or email her at:


Casey Skudin was a serving member of the Fire Department of New York City, as well as a surf lifeguard for over 20 years. Casey was also a member of the SOS community, who  completed the SOS Triathlon in 2019. Casey's life was cut short in a tragic accident while on vacation with his family on fathers day. His wife, Angela, has since made it her mission to help others in Casey's memory. 

The Casey Skudin 343 Fund, a 501c3 non-profit, is committed to providing First Responders with access to holistic and alternative treatment modalities for the purpose of healing traumas, and related mental health challenges, that arise with a career of public service on the front line. 


To learn more, please visit 

Any additional questions, please reach out to Jill Brodsky

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The Maya Gold Foundation was created in response to the tragic death of 15-year old Maya Gold, a New Paltz High School student who took her own life in October of 2015. In addition to being a loving daughter, sister, and friend, Maya was a social activist, an inspired student, and creatively engaged with the world. She loved to travel and dreamed of working in Nepal to reduce sexual trafficking.  In Maya’s honor, the Foundation collaborates with communities in and around New Paltz and in Nepal.

The mission of the Maya Gold Foundation is to, “empower youth to access their inner wisdom and realize their dreams”.

The Foundation is a registered 501 (c) (3) charity, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Click here to donate.

To learn more, please visit the Maya Gold Foundation’s website or follow on most social media platforms. 

For any questions, reach out to Maya’s parents, Elise and Mathew at:

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