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Race announcements will be made here and on the SOS Facebook page in the final week before the SOS.

1)  Mandatory check-in will take place on Saturday, Sept. 7th starting at 4:30 pm at the SUNY New Paltz Student Union Building. Make sure you have your USAT ID and a photo ID.  As per USAT regulations you must show a photo ID to race.


If you are a current member you must also show your USAT ID.  If you can't locate it you can download and print a copy from this site: log in, click on your name, then my account, then membership, and select membership card from the drop-down menu. 

If you are not a current member we urge you to renew prior to arrival.  You can also purchase a one day ($15) or annual ($50) membership at check-in, but things will go much more smoothly if all is in order before your arrival.


2) CLIF is this year's primary sponsor!  Look for lots of CLIF product on course - mini CLIF bars, Bloks, and Shots will be at all aid stations along with your choice of several Powerade flavors and water.  Pretzels are also available at the Lake Awosting and Lake Minnewaska exits as is Coca-cola at Lyons Road, Trapps Bridge, and Rhododendron Bridge aid stations.


3) Weather and water temps are looking good. Minnewaska Lake is about 72 degrees as of July 28, 2018. Awosting Lake varies by about two degrees from Minnewaska. Many people ask about wetsuits, so here is the official line:  We will recommend the use of a wetsuit if water temps hit 65 degrees or under and will require their use at 58 and under. Water temps have gotten below 65 on only a few occasions in the past 33 years, but has NEVER hit 58. 

We will post water temps throughout the week before the race.  Check back for more info soon or check out the SOS Facebook page here.

The information below is here to provide athletes with preliminary information on race weekend including pre-race, race day, and post-race events.  


1. The pre-race dinner is mandatory.  Participants eat for free.  Guests of the participants pay $20.  Children 12 and under pay $10.


2. A picture ID must be presented at race packet pick up.  You must have a valid USAT annual membership or purchase a one-day membership to race.  


3. It is your responsibility to be familiar with and follow the course route.  The course will be marked and reviewed during the pre-race meeting.  Additionally, course information can be found on this website HERE.   


4. Race packets will include a color-coded bike number.  The color indicates wave start and must be visible on the bike.  Check your race number and time adjustment for your age group. Information on this will be distributed a few weeks before the race in an email from the Race Director.


5. Timing chip ankle bands will be distributed in your race packet at the pre-race meeting.


1. Report to the Ulster County Fair Grounds between 5am - 6:15am, September 8th for body numbering, and bike and helmet check by Mike Kilmer of The Bicycle Rack.  The Fair Grounds are 2.5 miles south of New Paltz on County Rd 7 (Libertyville Rd.)


2. A buckled ANSI/SNELL approved helmet is required.


3. Faster riders should be at the front of each wave and slower riders toward the rear.


4. Color coded bike numbers indicate start wave: there is a one minute interval between each wave. Tentative 2019 Colors are as follows:

  • Wave 1...Open......Black...0 minutes

  • Wave 1...M20-34...Gold.....0 minutes

  • Wave 2...M35-39...Orange..1 minute

  • Wave 3...M40-44...Red.......2 minutes

  • Wave 4...M45-49...Blue......3 minutes

  • Wave 5...F20-44...Green....4 minutes

  • Wave 6...F45-49....Yellow....5 minutes

  • Wave 7...F50+......White......6 minutes

  • Wave 8...M50-54...Purple....7 minutes

  • Wave 9...M55+....Silver......8 minutes


Due to ongoing construction at Minnewaska State Park there is NO parking available for crew members at the end of the bike segment, and therefore NO CREW MEMBERS AT BIKE TRANSITION.

Unlike past years crew members have NO responsibilities other than removing your car from the Fairgrounds and driving it to the Mohonk Mountain House where the race ends.  They may choose to first drive to locations around the course to cheer you on but please keep in mind that there is absolutely no parking at or near the finish of the bike segment.

In order to deal with this change we are instituting the following measures:

  • You will be provided with a large numbered transition bag in which you will place all gear you will need to take with you for the run/swim segments (swim cap, goggles, wetsuit, running shoes, nutrition, etc.)

  • Bags will be handed out at the mandatory pre-race meeting check-in.  You will drop the bags off on race morning at a designated area near body marking.  Bags will then be transported to the end of the bike segment and placed in order of athlete number in the transition area.  


  • At the end of the bike segment you will find a traditional transition area complete with bike racks.  The racks will be labeled by athlete number.  You will proceed to the appropriate rack, find your transition bag, and rack your bike.  After taking what you need from your bag you will put all your unneeded gear in the bag (bike helmet, bike shoes, etc.)

  • Your bike will be loaded onto an insured bike transport truck provided and driven by TriBike Transport.  Your bike and bag will then be delivered to a holding area at the Mohonk Mountain House, site of both the Survivor Line and post-race awards dinner.  The holding area is only accessible by car so either your crew person can pick up your bike and bag while you are racing or you can get it after the post-race dinner.

  • Your race packet will have a numbered bracelet in it that says "SOS Bike Pickup #xxx".  Either the bracelet or your body number must be shown to the holding area attendant to claim your gear


1.  One car per participant is allowed to park at the Mohonk Mountain House.  Parking passes are in the race packet and should be shown to the gate attendant.  You may also park at the Mountain House with a meal ticket or bracelet.


2. Only overnight guests of the Mohonk Mountain House are allowed inside the hotel or in the lake.


3. Awards and post-race banquet will be from 2pm-5pm at the ice skating pavilion with awards presentation starting around 3pm, age groups around 3:45.  ALL Survivors receive a finisher's plaque and medal!

2.  Competitors dine free.  Additional tickets must be purchased Saturday night at the pre-race meeting for $38.  Anyone without a dinner pass or parking pass will be charged $27 to enter Mohonk Mountain House property ($21 for children 4-12 or $70 for family of four)

3.  There are NO DOGS allowed on Mohonk Mountain House property.  PLEASE, YOU MUST LEAVE THEM HOME!  You will not be allowed entry onto the property otherwise.

4.  Results will be posted near the post-race banquet.  Please check age/sex group results and report any discrepancies to the timer or race director before the awards ceremony.


5.  Awards will be given for top three Overall Men and Women and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd male and female in the following age groups:


Additional awards are given to the Survivor who has the best times in the following categories:

  • Best Mens bike time - Ned Northrop Memorial Award

  • Best Female bike time - Doug Stern Memorial Award

  • Best Awosting Swim time - Michael Maguire Memorial Award

  • Fastest Minnewaska Swim, Female - Debbie Tappy Memorial Award

  • Fastest Minnewaska Swim, Male - Terry Laughlin Memorial Award

  • Fastest Trapps Run - Thom Scheuer Memorial Award

  • Fastest Sprint Up Sky Top - Toph Cullen Memorial Award

  • Fastest Police Officer - Mike Kelly Memorial Award

  • Fastest Local Triathlete - Lou Gross Memorial Award

  • Fastest Mohonk Swim - Mark Catalano Memorial Award

  • First Married couple to both cross the Survivor Line - Art Stockin Memorial Award


Your bike and transition bag will be safely kept in a holding area on the Mohonk Mountain House grounds.  We will announce the exact location at the pre-race meeting and will have signage on race day as well.  Your crew person can pick up your gear anytime after 11am by showing the holding area attendant the numbered bike claim bracelet that is included in the race packet.  Alternatively you can pick up the bike yourself by showing the attendant your body number. 


All bikes must be claimed by 5:30pm.

  • 18-19

  • 20-24

  • 25-29

  • 30-34

  • 35-39

  • 40-44

  • 45-49

  • 50-54

  • 55-59

  • 60-64

  • 65-69

  • 70-74

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